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About Me

Damn actually clicked on this uh uhm uh My name is Mark (or Grgak) I love everything 80s, 90s and early 2000s. From VHS, Betamax, Video Games, Electronics, Clothes...fuckin food I don't care. I always feel like stuff today is either too simplified or too complicated so I just clung onto these decades more.
I make YouTube videos sometimes and stream pretty much every day so actually a cave dweller.

Love Punk music and Ska! Can't go wrong with some Tarakany! or Три 15 (rip)

I LOVE Fighting Games! DBFZ, GG, Smash, SF, Tekken I don't care i'll probably like them. If I had to pick a favorite probably Tekken. (PUMPED FOR 8!)

I have been in a happy relationship for almost 4 years now. All the art you see on here is from my girlfriend Nix, super talented they did all the art in 3.5 seconds holy shit. (They also helped with the coding) They have a page you can check it out here ->

I wish I had more things to say about myself but i'm super fucking boring so enjoy the site! More tapes coming soon!!!!! (chicken bu-)